Kyoti Mini Luna Ring Sterling Silver Sapphire

$111.00 $159.00

This ring encompasses the moon, a symbol of the feminine representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. The phases of the moon symbolise the flow and constant change in life. When you wear this beautiful pendant you can remind yourself that you two are a constant evolution, and that if you follow your souls path, you will succeed. No matter where you are on that journey, it is always where you need to be. The moon is our world of dreams, a realm of fantasy, take a moment to envisage your wildest dreams, and start your work towards achieving them. 

This piece is adorned with a Dark Blue Sapphire gemstone and is a great piece to stack or put on your pinky.

About your stone: 

The Blue Sapphire is traditionally associated with purity and love.  It assists you to stay on the spiritual path, releasing blockages and providing strength.  Blue Sapphire facilitates self-expression, assisting in communication and expressing your truth and beliefs.  It opens and heals the thyroid and the throat chakra and has a calming and balancing effect on the nervous system.

tem details:

  • Sterling Silver.
  • Genuine Blue Sapphire
  • Delivered in KYOTI custom black jewellery pouch & box. 
  • Original design by KYOTI designs, Byron Bay, Australia.