Leather Care

Leather is a natural product that ages, changes, and softens over time. There are always variations in leather – different cuts and sides, the texture of the natural grain, and different tones in dyed finishes. Such variations are characteristic of this natural medium and slight imperfections are what makes each leather product unique.

Leather is essentially a skin so to maximise longevity keep the leather hydrated with leather conditioners and cleaners.

Keep your leather products away from liquids such as perfume, make-up, ink, alcohol, and water. Contact with liquids can potentially alter leather permanently by marking or staining the surface. We recommend regularly using a waterproof leather spray which will minimise damage.

Avoid leaving your leather products near direct sources of heat, sunlight or concentrated light as discolouration or fading can occur over time. 

If a product requires more concentrated cleaning, we strongly recommend taking it to a local boot-maker or leather specialist. If you attempt to clean the product you risk causing more permanent damage. 

Leather cleaners, leather conditioners, and waterproof spray can be purchased in store or at any good boot-makers. Contact us for our local recommended boot-makers.