Bianc Jewellery


Beautifully designed Jewels for those who know best

Bianc was founded in 2011 and is stocked in over 200 locations across Australia and New Zealand. We’re a design focused, fashion-forward jewellery label with a focus on beautiful lines and accessible, contemporary jewellery. Delicately created using the highest quality gemstones and sterling silver from around the world, Bianc collections are inspired by luxury, elegance and feminine grace. Our semi-precious collections are designed with love in Australia and manufactured by the world’s best craftsman throughout Europe and Asia.

Our collections change with the season, each telling a story with colour, texture and detailed craftsmanship. We don’t favour by occasion and range from every-day wear to statement couture pieces. We believe in elegance, romance and affordable luxury at all times.

Bianc has been featured by stylists, bloggers and fashion editors across the country and worn by personalities on TV, awards shows and high profile events.



Bianca Silver

Jewellery is in the family and the Bianc journey began as she watched her mother sell fine jewellery to clients with intrigue and fascination. Her early love for jewellery transformed into a passion for creating high quality accessories and today culminates in a single brand experience that combines her eye for fashion with her commitment to refined artistry and wearable, unique designs.

Bianc is at the centre of her universe. Through her extensive travels, Bianca gathers inspirations and   vision for her designs. She brings her own admiration of the simple beauty of a gemstone to life in the form of exquisite, hand-crafted pieces.