Fairley Rose Quartz Pearl Drops


Inspired by the Miami nightlife along its famous South Beach, these show-stopping stud earrings combine pearls, uncut organic rose quartz and matte brushed gold plate to create glamour for day or night.

Rose quartz is regarded as the stone of universal love and happiness. Legend has it that Cupid, the Roman god of desire and affection, was said to have bestowed Rose Quartz crystal stone upon the Earth as a gift of love, passion, and happiness for all.


Drop: 55  mm 

Keshi pearl 15 mm x 20 mm approx

Uncut rose quartz 18 mm x 8 mm

Sterling silver 18k Italian gold plate

Matte finish

Stud style

Nickel free

*Please note every stone and pearl is unique in shape and as such may not be exactly as pictured. We handpick every stone and they are all beautiful.