Isabel Marant

The Vision for Isabel Marrant Glasses


Isabel Marant first entered the fashion business at the age of 22. She has been dressing women ever since. But not for the catwalk. She prides herself on dressing women for the real world, and never releases an item that she has not tried on herself. With such a focus on handcrafted, thoughtful products, each of her collections demonstrates great attention to detail and timeless class. The same of course goes for the Isabel Marant glasses collection that made its debut in 2020. 


Isabel Marrant Eyewear


Isabel’s Parisian heritage is reflected throughout her eyewear collection, with the aim to appeal to fashionable females the world over. The idea is that the bold and character-ful frames lend women an unbeatable sense of confidence, and are the ultimate accessory to complete any wardrobe. The frames will pair well throughout the seasons and with all sorts of outfits and occasions.